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Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

Hip to gable Loft conversions have become very popular in recent years this is mainly due to the fact that hip to gable loft conversions no longer require planning permission and can be carried out under the new permitted development rights, Hipped roofs tend to be higher than traditional apex roofs allowing for the use of pitched roof dormers to the rear rather than the usual flat roof dormers. Roof Rooms carries out several of these conversions a year and has several completed hip to gable conversions for you to visit to get an idea of the space that can be achieved.

A double hip to gable loft conversion

This picture shows a double hip to gable conversion under construction, the extra space allowed us to create two bedrooms and a bathroom and was completed in six weeks.

A hip to gable gable loft conversion front elevation A hip to gable conversion rear elevation
Adouble hip to gable loftr conversion front elevation Adouble hip to gable conversion rear elevation





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